Tienda online de la seguridad desde 2016

Tienda online de la seguridad desde 2016

Tienda online de la seguridad desde 2016

“PUSOKEI 15,6″ Ultradelgada con Teclado Retroiluminado y Huella Digital, Rosa”

761.63 IVA incluido

Tiempos de envío

Muchos de nuestros productos son suministrados directamente por los fabricantes que se encuentran lejos de nuestros almacenes. Los tiempos de envío van desde los 7 días hasta los 14 días. Si por algún motivo te urge comprar un “PUSOKEI 15,6″ Ultradelgada con Teclado Retroiluminado y Huella Digital, Rosa” te rogamos que te pongas en contacto con nosotros.


Features of the 15.6-inch Laptop

Technical Specifications

Item Type: 15.6-inch Laptop
Case Material: ABS LCD
Operating System: for Windows 11
Language Compatibility: Default English, Multi-language Support
CPU: for Intel N5095 Quad Core Four Thread Frequency: 2.00 GHz-2.90 GHz
GPU: for Intel UHD Graphics
Graphics Card Type: Integrated Display
Memory: LPDDR4 12GB
Display: 1920 x 1080 HD IPS Display
Keyboard Type: Fingerprint, Backlit Keyboard, Numeric Keypad
Bluetooth: Supported
Peripheral Interface Type: USB3.0 x 2, MIC, Audio x 1, Memory Card Slot x 1, Mini HDMI x 1, DC Port x 1
Speakers: Built-in Stereo Speakers
Microphone: Built-in Microphone
WIFI: 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4G 5G WIFI
Ethernet: No RJ45 Wired Network Interface
Camera: with Camera
Battery Specifications: Lithium Battery: 6000mAh (included) Voltage: 100-240V

Package List:
1 Laptop
1 Adapter
1 User Manual

15.6-inch 2K Resolution IPS Display

The 15.6-inch laptop features a 2K resolution IPS display that offers a comfortable visual experience and increased efficiency when browsing websites or documents. The 3:2 aspect ratio can expand the vertical space of the screen and show more content. Additionally, text and images are clear and sharp, providing a pleasant viewing experience.

6000mAh Battery

This commercial and home laptop comes with a 6000mAh lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 8 hours. It is durable enough for daily use and suitable for work and entertainment. The lithium-ion composite battery offers greater durability and longer lifespan compared to conventional batteries.

Portable Design

The laptop is lighter than traditional laptops, with an ultra-thin body and a sleek and innovative appearance. It also comes equipped with a full-size backlit keyboard and a large touchpad. The numeric keypad is also available for a more convenient typing experience. The portable design of the laptop makes it easy to carry and suitable for traveling.

Large Capacity Storage

The laptop is equipped with 12GB of RAM (LPDDR4) and a high-speed SSD. This allows the laptop to run smoothly, even with multiple programs open. The massive space for efficient operation of the most complex software is an advantage for users who need to multitask at the same time.


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